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You may already know that deep tissue massage focuses on the innermost layers of your muscles, but you may be wondering if you are a good candidate for the treatment. Perhaps you suffer with chronic pain from a previous injury or maybe you have scar tissue that has hindered your mobility. Whether you are suffering from aches and pains or you are an athlete who needs care for overworked muscles, a deep tissue massage at Sole Energy Massage could be just the treatment you need to finally get the relaxation and relief you are looking for.

In addition to deep muscle therapy, our therapists offer many other effective massage therapy services that have been designed to treat your pain and improve your well-being. Some of the other treatments we provide include reflexology, which works to achieve total body wellness through pressure on specific zones found on the feet and hands, as well as Swedish massage and full body massage, both perfect for the bride-to-be or anyone who wants to decompress and ward off stress. You may not realize that stress can lead to a host of unwanted side effects like tight muscles, headaches, and various aches and pains throughout the body. If you have physical pains today that originated as unresolved stress from the past, they aren’t likely to go away on their own. Visit our Thai spa for access to a variety of massaging techniques, each designed to leave you feeling relaxed, renewed, and ideally, pain-free.

We would love to tell you more about our spa and help you determine which massage therapy is right for you. Contact us during normal spa hours to schedule a massage appointment with one of our professional therapists. We look forward to becoming your favorite spot for Swedish, full body, and deep tissue massage in Houston, TX!

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